Registration for our IIL Easter Camps is now open!
Save the date ! Registration for IIL Winter Camps from 20th-24th February 2023 starts Friday 16th Dec at 12pm !
Save the date ! Registration for IIL Winter Camps from 20th-24th February 2023 starts Friday 16th Dec at 12pm !
The next IIL Camps will take place from 11th to 21st April 2023. Registration opens online on Thursday 16th March at 12pm (noon) !

Capoeira : a wind of samba is blowing on IIL Camps!


Capoeira is now a regular part of our IIL Camps activities. Capoeira is a dance, martial art, music, wrestling, folklore and philosophy. It is an ancestral Afro-Brazilian art that combines joie de vivre, good humor and sharing to the sound of Brazilian handcrafted instruments.

Malhado, our favorite Brazilian instructor, is an experienced capoeirista and founder of Ginga Mundo. He knows how to transmit to the children all the passion that drives him, the love of his country and his art, with patience and serenity.

On the program for children: warm-up, stretching, technical passages such as kicks or dodges, and also the learning of folkloric musical instruments, songs in Portuguese, South American dances, percussions… a great moment of sharing and exchange. Children can demonstrate and enrich their ability to improvise, create, and dialogue through the body. Group and individual recreational activities are also offered during this camp.

Tudo Bem!

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