Registration for our Autumn camps are open!
The next IIL Camps will take place from 11th to 21st April 2023. Registration opens online on Thursday 16th March at 12pm (noon) !

Terms and Conditions

(IIL Camps refers to the holiday camps organised by the Institut International de Lancy 

The French version is legally binding

Price of camps 

The camp prices posted on the website include snacks, supervision, teaching, various transfers and equipments used during the camps.  


Arrival are between 8.30 and 9.00 am for morning camps and for children staying the whole day at camps. Arrivals for children attending afternoon camps only are between 13:45 and 14:00. An adult must accompany the child to the camp reception. It is forbidden to drop the child off in front of the school or to ask the child to register himself.  


Children are taken care of until 17:00 at the latest during camps. Childcare until 18:00 pm is possible, the additional cost is 20 CHF per child per day or 75chf per child for the whole week. An adult must pick up the children at the camp reception desk. Unaccompanied children are not allowed to leave the campus except for those whose parents have given IIL Camps prior written permission for their child(ren) to return alone.  


Participants to the camps must be insured against the risk of accidents and illnesses that may occur during the camps as well as for the third party liability. For children residing abroad, a health and accident insurance as well as a third party liability insurance for Switzerland must be taken out.  

IIL Camps can not be held responsible in the event of an accident,  illness, nor for the loss, theft or damage of the participants’ personal belongings.  


Payment for the camps should be made by credit card on the website at the time of registration. Other means of payment are not accepted. In exceptional cases, a bank transfer can be arranged. 

Promotional codes 

The use of promotional codes is possible under the following conditions:  

  • Promotional codes or coupons can be applied at the shopping cart level and before online payment.
  • These promotional codes cannot be combined with each other. 

Confirmation of registration 

As soon as the basket is completed and the registration fee paid, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the adult who made the booking. Further information about the camps booked will be sent by email at a later date.

Cancellation policy

For cancellations by parents/legal guardians, which reach us at least 1 month before the start of the camp, 100% of the total price of the programme will be refunded.

For cancellations by parents/legal guardians received between 15 and 30 days before the start of the camp, 50% of the total programme fee will be refunded, except for medical reasons and upon presentation of the corresponding certificate.

For cancellations by parents/legal guardians received less than 15 days before the start of the camp, no refund will be given. The full price of the camp will be due, except for medical reasons and upon presentation of the corresponding certificate.

In case of absence of the participant, repeated late arrivals or early departures, no refunds will be made, except for medical reasons and upon presentation of the corresponding certificate.

Any request for cancellation or refund for medical reasons must be made by email to

Modification of the booking 

Whenever possible, a participant may change activity or camp within the same week / season, subject to availability of places and payment of the difference in price, if applicable. All requests for changes must be made by email only to Oral requests for changes will not be accepted, nor will requests via What’sapp. 

Cancellation by IIL Camps  

In the event of insufficient participants, IIL Camps reserves the right to cancel a camp. At least 3 days notice will be given to the parents/legal guardians who made the booking. Wherever possible, IIL Camps will offer an alternative camp, but if this is not suitable, IIL Camps will issue a full refund.

Parents’ responsibility 

Parents/legal guardians assume full responsibility for any material damage caused voluntarily or involuntarily by their child(ren).  

Image rights 

Please refer to the registration form on IIL Camps website 

Medical file 

At the time of registration, parents/legal guardians are responsible for notifying IIL Camps of any allergies, health problems or other special medical conditions that require treatment (preventive or regular). If a medical problem arises after registration, parents/guardians are required to notify IIL Camps in writing (email or letter) prior to the start of the camp. Please note that this information must be communicated to IIL Camps independent of that already sent to IIL. Furthermore, IIL Camps does not provide suncream, so it is the responsibility of the parents/legal guardians to give one to their child(ren) when the weather requires it. IIL Camps cannot be held responsible in case of intolerance to a suncream lent by another child (unless the intolerance has been notified in advance).

Dietary requirements 

Any dietary needs (intolerance, allergies, foods that cannot be eaten for religious reasons, etc.) must be notified to IIL Camps in the registration form. IIL Camps cannot be held responsible if parents/guardians have not reported these intolerances. 


Parents/legal guardians booking camps that take place off-campus accept that their child(ren) are transported by IIL Camps external transport providers, if IIL buses are not available.  

Mobile phones / tablets 

As participants do not need their own phone or tablet during the camps, they are strongly discouraged from bringing them. IIL Camps reserves the right to confiscate phones/tablets if necessary. If participants need to contact a parent or other adult in an emergency, camp staff will provide access to a phone.  

Permission of care

The parents/legal guardians authorise IIL Camps to provide their child with the necessary nursing care, and also to administer homeopathic treatment in case of headaches, knocks, bruises, bumps, digestive problems and other “minor” health problems. If the child’s condition requires it, the parents/legal guardians also authorise transport by ambulance to an appropriate care institution such as a hospital or community health facility. In addition, if the emergency contacts are unreachable, the parents/legal guardians authorise the doctor chosen by the authorities to provide their child with all the medical care required by his/her condition.

Finally, the parents undertake to inform the management of IIL Camps of any change in their child’s state of health, if different from that indicated at the time of registration.


All children attending the camps must be potty-trained (valid for children 3+ y.o.).  

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